Sunday, January 20, 2013

Manually Uninstall TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 Virus in a Safe Removal Way

Look out! TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 Has Those Harmful Symptoms:

1. TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 attacks system without any permission

2. TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 reputation & rating online is terrible

3. TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 may hijack, redirect and modify your web browser

4. TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 may install other sorts of spyware/adware

Suddenly encounter the TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 virus? Have tried various removal tools, and found that no onve could handle this Trojan horse? You can get the step-by-step manual guide safely and quickly to get rid of TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 virus from this post.


What is TR/TRAPS.Gen2?

TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 is a highly risky Trojan horse. If your computer is attacked by this malicious Trojan horse, you will keep receiving the spam emails from it and there are a lot of additional harmful files downloaded to your infected computer from a certain remote server which is connected with TR/ATRAPS.Gen2. Once this Trojan horse launches to and is active on your computer, it will begin to modify your important system files and registry entries so that it can run its processes automatically with the Windows login. TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 is able to break through the Windows firewall, replicates itself and spreads its copies over the every location of the target system and other systems via the hacked websites and shared networks. This Trojan horse opens the backdoor in your affected computer, and follows the commands from its creator who controls behind it to perform the destructive actions with other threats that are installing to your computer with the help of TR/ATRAPS.Gen2. In addition, there are some weird things appearing on your infected computer, such as your system runs more slowly than before, your most of CPU resources are taken over by it, and you also will suffer from some annoying redirect issues. It is very dangerous for your computer if TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 is located on your computer. So please never let this Trojan horse has the chance to crash your whole system. Go and take action to remove it manually and completely once you find it.


TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 Removal Instructions Step by Step:

To manually remove Trojan.Ramage, it’s to end processes, unregister DLL files, search and delete all other Trojan.Ramage files and registry entries. Follow the TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 removal guide below to start.

Step 1: Delete files that TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 has added to your system folders and files:

 %UserProfile%\Application Data\ODBC.exe
 %UserProfile%\Application Data\Intel.exe
 %UserProfile%\Application Data\Netscape.exe
 %UserProfile%\Application Data\Intel.exe
 %UserProfile%\Application Data\Sysinternals.exe
 %UserProfile%\Application Data\WinRAR.exe
 %UserProfile%\Application Data\Policies.exe

Step 2: Remove registry entries that TR/ATRAPS.Gen2 has created to your system registry editor:(Note: Back up the Windows registry before editing it, so that you can quickly restore it later if any wrong operation.)

 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\StandardProfile\AuthorizedApplications\List\"[DROPPED VALUE NAME]" = "%UserProfile%\Application Data\[DROPPED FILE NAME].exe:*:[DROPPED FILE NAME]"
 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\"Shell" = "Explorer.exe,%UserProfile%\Application Data\[DROPPED FILE NAME].exe"
 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\"[DROPPED VALUE NAME]" = "%UserProfile%\Application Data\[DROPPED FILE NAME].exe"
 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\Run\"[DROPPED VALUE NAME]" = "%UserProfile%\Application Data\[DROPPED FILE NAME].exe"


Manual removal of files and registry entries is very effective to get rid of this annoying threat TR/ATRAPS.Gen2. Anyhow, it requires skills and experience, if any wrong operation or even any deviation from the instructions during the manual removal could result in irreparable system damage. To make sure complete deletion, it is recommended to contact online expert for tech support.

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