Saturday, January 19, 2013

Effectively Remove Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI Virus - Completely Delete Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI

Why doesn't Antivirus Software work?

The Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI virus, as many other viruses, is created with malicious code and is changed daily or more often. That's why any of the antivirus programs can't keep up to remove the virus. When victim users tried with various security tools, they did not get rid of the virus, but messed up the computer more. Any unsure method is not recommended to remove the virus, but manual removal has always been the most effective way to get rid of it.

Infected by Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI without any reasons but cannot find an antidote? Haven’t realized what damage can Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI cause? After reading this post, you can have a clear understanding about Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI and get the step-by-step guide to remove it completely and effectively with no risk.


Learn more about Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI

Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI is found to be a highly dangerous Trojan horse which can occupy huge amount of system resources that leads to poor system performance. ThisTrojan horse can sneak into computers by means of spam e-mail messages or any form of virus infections that spreads by exploiting software vulnerabilities. As soon as sneaking on your computer, it will damage your system without scruple and give the system more and more errors and exploits. This infection will first disguise as a legit process and hide in the background to activate its malicious code and generate random harmful processes, which will eat up your system RAM and CPU room gradually, making the system slow as snail. You will find that your antivirus program such as Kaspersky cannot banish Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI though it detects the virus. No need a long time, your system will experience awful performance: operation becomes slower than before, various system errors occur randomly, BSOD becomes usual thing, your homepage is redirected to some dangerous websites, and many high-level threats such as spyware or rootkits are downloaded onto your computer without your permission. There is no doubt that Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI needs to be removed at a quick time with manual solution to avoid further damage. You are suggested to ge rid of this Trojan horse manually as the security tool cannot handle. 


Harmful Properties of Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI

1. Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI is capable of hiding itself at the background and keeps running to consume your PC resources

2. Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI infects with lots of bundled malware, malicious spyware, adware parasites, and all these harmful PC threats can deep hide in your system, processes, files and folders.

3. Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI allows remote access to compromise your computer by changing your PC system settings, registry settings and files to capture and steal your personal privacy data without any permission.

4. Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI keeps updating itself by changing its files' names and directories frequently to prevent from being removed by antivirus


Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI Manual Removal Guide

Step 1: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together and stop Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI processes in the Windows Task Manager.

[random name].exe

Step 2: Open the Registry Editor, search for and delete these Registry Entries created by Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI.


(Click Start button> click "Run" > Input "regidit" into the Run box and click ok)

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\System Tool
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “[random digits].exe”

Step 3: Detect and remove Trojan Horse PSW.Generic10.BHKI associated files listed below:

%UserProfile%\Application Data\[random digits]
%UserProfile%\Application Data\[random digits]\[random digits].bat
%UserProfile%\Application Data\[random digits]\[random digits].cfg
%UserProfile%\Application Data\[random digits]\[random digits].exe
%UserProfile%\Desktop\System Tool.lnk
%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\System Tool.lnk

Note: If you haven’t sufficient expertise in handling virus program files, processes, dll files and registry entries, you will take the risk of messing up your computer and making it crash down finally. If you need online professional tech support, click here to get: 24/7 Online Virus Removal Support.


  1. Good post. sharing valuable information about Trojan Horse Virus guide

  2. Thanks for sharing this nice post. It is very harmful virus and through proper Trojan Horse Virus removal it can easily be remove from PC.